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StartupWorks LLC’s industrial strength domains are now offered for sale on Sedo.com. OR, use your ingenuity to forge intentional communities through development deals by contacting our Business & Legal Affairs group using the contact information that follows …

StartupWorks LLC’s Legal and Business Affairs:

Text message: 973-267-0525 (preferred)

Voice message: 973-543-2486

email: quartermaster@startupworks.com

Our mission is to help you use your expertise and enthusiasm to develop mission-oriented communities, forged under democratic governance principles, to harness Yankee Ingenuity wherever it is found to reside in the world.

Featured domain pairings:

AiWorks.com -w- RoboticsWorks.com

TextileWorks.com -w- TXTL.com

FarmerWorks.com -w- ProduceWorks.com

SportsWorks.com -w- GamingWorks.com

HydrogenWorks.com -w- LithiumWorks.com -w- MiningWorks.com -w- LithiumWorks.com

BankingWorks.com -w- AuditWorks.com -w- Fiduciary.ioRe

ExportWorks.com -w- bibusiness.com

PotWorks.com -w- WineryWorks.com

ArtistGrid.com -w- ArtisanGrid.com

VanGoghWorks.com -w- LingoWorks.com

DiverWorks.com -w- SalvageWorks.com

BoxingTv.com -w- FightWorks.com

CoutureWorks.com -w- LingerieWorks.com

HatWorks.com -w- CoatWorks.com

AmericanaWorks.com -w- BluesWorks.com

RapWorks.com -w-JazzWorks.com

biotechie.com -w- biotechRx.com

DxWorks.com -w- OBworks.com

MedicareWorks.com -w- GovtWorks.org

DeadSeaSpa.org -w- TorahWorks.com

FaithValues.com -w- PopeFrancisTv.com

PrettyWomanSpa.com -w- RestorationSpa.com

AquariusWorks.com -w- VirgoWorks.com

LobsterWorks.com -w- SalmonWorks.com

PhytoWorks.com -w- PhytoSpa.com

StandupTv.com -w- StandupWorks.com

RRworks.com -w- TaxiWorks.com

VodkaWorks.com -w- BoozeWorks.com

DjangoWorks.com -w- HaikuWorks.com

ProducerWorks.com -w- RapWorks.com

WineryWorks.com -w- OpenThanBottle.com

ojos.com (brokered by Kate Buckley at Defining.com)

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