Forge intentional communities

Our domains as vessels when the winds of changes shift (see Article 4)

Here, we emphasize intentional community formation as an alternative to buying a domain outright. Use our domains as sailing vessels to form your crew and pursue your ideals for fun and profit. Pirate democracy was used with great success, for a long time, in the era of wooden sailing ships. Our updated, fully legal and ethical version borrows heavily from pirate codes of conduct, formal agreements that set the tone for good conduct, good leadership, unity of purpose, group cohesion, intrinsic motivation, mission-driven results, and fair distribution of profits. If you find the phrase pirate democracy off-putting, feel free to use permutations such as “intentionally democratic swashbuckling communities“.

StartupWorks wants to help you forge democratic intentional communities guided by the spirit of swashbuckling pirate democracy informed by Robert Hockett’s thinking in A Jeffersonian Republic by Hamiltonian Means: Values, Constraints, and Finance in the Design of a Comprehensive and Contemporary American “Ownership Society”. Difficult to summarize but best done by Professor Hockett at footnote 342: Realization of “the noblest dream of our most celebrated founders—the dream of a republic of independent, self-sufficient, civically responsible, and productive owners.”

Intentional Community Articles

Toward this end, the basic groundrules of your specifically tailored Intentional Community Code, approved by crew, should provide that (1) all crew get an equal vote in all matters of moment including discipline and removal of crew members; (2) crew shall have equal decision making authority, except in times of distress such as when in hot pursuit of a prize, during which time the Captain has full authority; (3) the Quartermaster will defeasibly contribute the domain until the first exit is made and may speak for crew members; (4) combine with fellow travelers, trade UP, down or sideways when the winds of changes shift (5) the Captain shall bring the initial business plan or major objective, (6) Captain, Quartermaster and all other crew members have an equal vote on major questions as to mission and exit strategy and (7) Captain and Quartermaster shall each have 2 shares of profit participation.

At present we seek swashbuckling (by this we mean bootstrapping) captains for,,,,,,, and others of the domains that may have brought you here.

Send questions, comments and expressions of interest to the StartupWorks Quartermaster at