Buy a Domain NOW or Lease-To-Own!

To buy it now (“BIN”) call or message us to dicker price and availability.¬†All sales are transacted through with all fees paid by buyer. Typically, we deal with industrial strength buyers, directly or through their representatives.

If, however, you are an individual striving to build your startup or brand on your own or with members of your community, we are happy to talk to you as well. It may make more sense for you to lease-to-own to take advantage of no-interest payment plans that divide the purchase price into up to 60 equal payments. So, for example, a $60,000USD domain may be had for 60 payments of $1000 per month.

To lease it now to own at the end of the lease term (“LIN”) call or message us to dicker price and length of lease. At present, we expect to LIN through the service provider (a division of GoDaddy). Their terms and conditions will apply as to all administrative matters arising out of leasing a domain, to own. Note that this includes termination of the lease for nonpayment or untimely payment.

Domains may also be made available by means of option contract. An option contract is a contract to keep a domain exclusively available to you, the buyer, at a specific price, for a specific period of time. Typically, the price of the option is 20% of the domain price which must be paid up-front and which is forfeited if you do not pay the balance during the specified period of time the negotiated price is held open (‘option period”).

For more information call or text the Law Office of Richard Hedeman at 973-267-0525. Please provide your contact information, your name and the name of your organization, for immediate attention.